When he was rescued at a year old, he had so much anxiety it was difficult introducing him to new people. A few drops of the tincture in his water every day and his anxiety has improved so much! It also makes him drink slower, as he drinks too fast and chokes. Fireworks and thunderstorms don't bother him, and strangers don't scare him anymore.

At 16 years old, our outdoor cat still insists on going for a walk with us around the property. Every day we take two walks, and while he has slowed down in the last year to only one a day, we are still astounded by how agile, glossy and happy he is.  I've honestly never seen an outdoor cat his age look and feel so good. The tinctures have even helped with external wounds and soothing bug bites! Thank you Paw Plus for helping our boy stay healthy while enjoying a relaxing retirement.


Since starting Paw Plus hemp oil for my 10-year-old Weimaraner Hugo, we have noticed a significant improvement in his health. He suffers from seizures that would cause him to collapse for a few minutes. Within a month of using the product, we noticed that the duration of the seizures had been reduced by over 50%. He has been on the product for almost 3 months consistently, and over the last 30 days has been seizure-free. We will continue to use the product and be sure to purchase again!

I have given my cat Mr. Cuddlesworth Plaw Plus hemp oil now for around 8 weeks, a half dose in the morning and a half dose in the evening as you suggested. I'm happy to say he seems to be walking around like a kitten. In fact, we have encountered a new problem - he can jump up on the counter again to eat my houseplants! If you are tracking reviews, he is around 15 lbs and has suffered with arthritis for the past five or so years. Thank you very much!!!